Product Description:

One electrode pad is easier than two. ZOLL’s CPR-D Padz, are a one-piece, pre-connected electrode that’s ready for any cardiac case. With Real CPR Help® to ensure your compressions are on track, the easily constructed images ensure perfect placement every single time. With no extra sensors, steps or cables required, ZOLL CPR-D Padz work with any ZOLL AED for a unified rescue plan.

Please note: these pads are compatible with ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro. Click here for ZOLL AED 3 compatible pads.


  • One ZOLL CPR-D Padz
  • CPR barrier mask
  • Scissors
  • Disposable gloves
  • Prep razor
  • Towel
  • Moist towelette 
  • Pediatric pads are a 2 piece electrode and do not include CPR feedback.

Key Advantages:

  • ADULT pads have a 5-year shelf live—the longest of any currently sold defibrillator electrode.
  • PEDIATRIC pads have a 2-year shelf life
  • Equipped with Real CPR Help®, pre-connect See-Thru CPR and CPR Index.
  • Is constructed in one piece with clearly marked design instructions for easy hand placement.
  • Designed for use with ZOLL AED Pro® and Plus®.

Technical details:

  • Solid, adhesive polymer conductive gel.
  • Packaged in multilayer laminate.
  • Apex electrode is 6.1 inches X 5.6 inches.
  • Sternum electrode is 6.1 inches X 5 inches.