Product Description:

Be prepared with uninterrupted high-quality CPR, for every cardiac arrest case with the ZOLL AED Pro®. Flexible for basic and advanced rescuers, experience Real CPR Help® that provides real-time feedback on both the rate and depth of chest compressions to enhance CPR resuscitation quality. Whatever the environment, the AED Pro delivers consistent and accurate results.

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Key advantages:

  • A visual real time bar graph, along with a metronome, guides you to achieve optimal compression levels.
  • See-Thru CPR filters CPR artifact to display a patient’s underlying ECG rhythm to reduce interruptions in compressions, allowing the professional rescuer to see underlying organized rhythms during resuscitation.
  • Data storage that is immediate and customizable for maximum productivity while reducing costs.
  • Is the only AED to use USB storage and wireless connection for transfer capability, all without removing from the field.
  • Compatible with ZOLL’s RescueNet® field data collection options.

Technical Specifications:

  • Exclusive IP55 dust-water ingress rating.
  • Passes the 1.5 meter drop test.
  • Complete electrode compatibility with ZOLL’s AED Plus® and line of professional defibrillators.
  • Battery compatibility with ZOLL’s E Series®, M Series® and R Series® professional defibrillators.


Comes with a 5-year warranty with possible extended warranties available for purchase through the manufacturer.