Genoray Port X-IV

Product Description:

The new era of mobile dental x-ray systems is now in your hands. The Genoray Port X-IV portable x-ray machine is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than similar units. This mobile x-ray unit was created for 1-hand operation and weighs only 3 lbs. Measuring 140 x 172 x 250 mm, the Port X-IV improves the efficient use of office space. The Li-polymer 22.2 VDC, 1,000 mAh/25C battery enables you to complete your work with time to spare.

This handheld system produces crystal-clear images using a 0.4 mm focal spot with 70 kV tube voltage. This provides a high-resolution image to make an accurate diagnosis. The Genoray Port X-IV handheld x‑ray unit features an IPS LCD Screen and high-end generator technology. This ensures safe exposure and high-quality images at all times.

The Genoray Port X-IV x-ray machine is portable and includes the latest technology allowing easy data transfer with wireless-to-PC and mobile applications. The GMS (Genoray Management System) provides real-time service with equipment status checks and immediate response to errors from a dedicated service team.

Product Highlights:

  • Excellent image quality: 0.4 mm Focal Spot/70 kV Tube Voltage
  • Large LCD display
  • Light and compact
  • iPhone/iPad wireless connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery, long lifespan
  • Easy data transfer
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Easy to use!

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