Edan X10 Patient Monitor with Capnography

Product Description:


Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters and stunning, ultra-slim design, the X10 meets the Standard of Care, fulfills all of your clinical requirements in various scenarios, and covers all patient types, from pediatric to adult monitoring. 

**NOTE: We have limited inventory available to ship before the end of the year. Put in your order before December 24th to ensure delivery by the 31st.**


EDAN G2 CO2 (Sidestream)

  • Superior water trap design for accurate monitoring
  • iCARB algorithm with intelligent CO2 pseudo wave identification technology 
  • Automatic zero calibration within seconds
  • Accessories for all patient types


  • Customizable filter for better performance
  • Pacemaker detection and defibrillator/ESU protection
  • Industry-leading iSEAP algorithm for accurate arrhythmia detection 
  • SEMIP algorithm with 208 ECG findings over age/gender diversities


  • Dual dust filter design makes no blockage inside and provides accurate NIBP readings
  • Unique cleaning mode for routine maintenance
  • ICUFS algorithm with smart deflation technology


  • iMAT algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion resistance performance
  • Reference reading of Perfusion Index (PI) from 0 to 10 according to perfusion changes
  • Simultaneous measurements of SpO2 and NIBP of the same limb


  • 10.1" Touch Screen
  • ECG, SpO2, Capnography
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Prints directly to a network HP printer
  • Prints horizontally on the build-in printer
  • Compact updated design
  • 8-hour battery life